Delaney Drummond (b. 2001, Illinois) recently completed her undergraduate studies at Columbia College Chicago in December 2022; where she earned a bachelor's degree in photography. During her time at Columbia, she pursued minors in American Sign Language studies and cultural studies. Delaney's photographic portfolio primarily revolves around self-portraiture, serving as a means to explore the complexities of interpersonal relationships and the challenges of communication. Alongside her ongoing "Miscommunications" project, she has developed a keen interest in film photography, particularly experimenting with the 4x5 camera and her beloved pink Barbie Polaroid.

Additionally, Delaney is still working with the Chicago Field Museum. Where she contributed to the digitization efforts of the museum's prehistoric bird collection. Her most notable project while interning at the Field Museum would be the Chicago Archaeopteryx specimen.

For any futher inquiries, feel free to reach out!

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Oak Park, IL.